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Quality PDR is about us !

Why PDR?

Paintless dent removal also known as paintless dent repair is a collection of techniques in the process of removing dents, dings, creases and hail damage from vehicles without affecting the original finish. With the use of specially Designed spring-steel rods with different tips and configurations, our skilled technicians are able to access the dent from behind the panel and apply the right pressure to the key areas. The dent becomes progressively smaller as the technician works from the outside edge, eventually the dent becomes so small it blends with the texture of the paint and disappear completely.


Peintless Dent Removal is the closest method you can get to the dent never happening. No grinding, fillers, or primers are needing because your original factory paint is not disturbed. Keep in Mind that a Vehicle with the originalpaint retains a higher value than a repaired vehicle.


How this works preview video


 A number of advantages for PDR include:

  • No repairing or body filler needed

  • Less expensive than traditional body repair

  • The most important benefit is the quality

  • Same day service in most cases

  • No risk of paint overspray on other vehicle areas

  • No risk of incorrect color matching

  • Vehicle retains original paint

" With the combination of the best tools and skilled technicians in the industry , as well as a written lifetime warranty on all repairs, HAIL DENT PRO is your #1 source for the fine art of PDR."

− Quality PDR is about us !